Ksilink is a French German translational center

We span integrated therapy from bed to bench and back to the bed. Our focus is finding therapeutic solutions for patients with unmet medical needs. We operate as a program-specific investment fund with a dedicated development platform poised at the cutting edge of French and German development know-how.



We are at a transformational time in biomedical research. Disruptive technologies have made human disease models a reality. Patient-derived material lies at the heart of this effort, which we at Ksilink access through our clinical programs. The models we are creating recapitulate the actual disease mechanisms in patients. Drug development, has been vertically accelerated as a result. Costs are lessened and chances of success bolstered. During this paradigm shift access to patient material and modeling know how is becoming a competitive game changer. Ksilink is designed to be at the forefront of this new development



An integrated bed to bench to bed effort goes far beyond the capacities of a single player. It requires a concerted effort by many sectors of the biomedical enterprise in France and Germany. Ksilink has secured partners across a wide spectrum from both the private and public sectors. They stand for experience
and excellence. Each has made groundbreaking therapeutic innovations. Together, Ksilink and partners span the full range of development competence, and effectively link patient needs to scientific excellence and back again, in a bed–to-bench-to-bed cycle that is truly unique.

In the new era of ‘next-generation drug development’ with its patient-based disease models, our network of partners across France and Germany is a critical asset. It allows Ksilink’s clients to be first when it comes to accessing academic and clinical development opportunities, and the most ready to implement concrete solutions.




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